Tuesday, May 27, 2014

end of her 3rd year of dance...

we did it! Dance recital! we all BARELY survived! it was long but it was great! Shelby did sooo well and we couldn't be more proud of her!
I finally got my video of her cheering from rehearsal to upload....  

 Here's photos to recap the adventure (CHAOS) known as, "backstage!" :)
She got her Little Carol doll right after her first number, jazz to "Baby I'm a Star" by Prince, and she was so excited to see another KDAS Dancer got one too that's in her "Walk Like an Egyptian" outfit that this girl danced to!

Here's Shelby and her Little Carol doll in their matching outfits! :) HERE is where I ordered her doll from. She's amazingly talented and all she went by was the picture of Shelby I sent her in her tap costume! The detail is unreal!

This ballet number made me cry, as ballet usually does. It was to "Someday My Prince Will Come" and all i could think of was her dreaming of her "Prince" but for now, DADDY is her prince and that's all that's allowed!!!

These girls have stolen my heart in the 3 years they've known each other and danced together! Someday I know they won't be this little and won't be dancing together but for now, I'm soaking them in! We love you Joci!

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