Friday, May 9, 2014

Addison bag

I got to sew!! It's a lot harder to sew w/ a 2 month old (who was then about 5 weeks old) and an almost 5 year old! I also got a new machine for my birthday and this was the first time I used it, actually the first time it's ever even been out of the box! Ooops...
A dear sorority sister of mine, who's struggle to add to their family weighed heavily on my heart and was something I understood, approached me about making her diaper bag when the Lord blessed them with a baby. I immediately said I would be delighted to and would pray fervently for the Lord to bless them and open up her womb.  Her struggle was one I knew all too well and I knew how she felt; helpless.  I was overjoyed when she text me announcing they were expecting and my heart leaped with joy because she was getting her prayers answered! I immediately told her to start picking out fabrics once they found out they were expecting a sweet baby girl! :)
I had the pleasure of making her precious Addison a diaper bag and wipe case.  I cannot wait to see pics of little Addison!
Congratulations Kaylee & Chris!

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