Wednesday, May 7, 2014

They grow too fast...

This Little Dumplin is 2 months old today!

Hard to believe it's been 2 months but then again, I can believe it because honestly, it's been tough! Adjusting to 2 kids, which I've still not done, is rough but a blessing. Yesterday was our first day apart for more than a few hours and we both did well.
It felt good to wear real clothes and feel like myself again..not to mention wearing heels again! I think i'm at -40 lbs now...the Mommy Diet is legit (nursing & little to no sleep)
 Miss Lis is a God-send and I'm sooo appreciative for Dana K. and her HIGH recommendation of her for our precious Rhett.  I was shocked to hear he did so well. I must say that since we have been treating his silent reflux, he's become a happy baby with occasional fits when for the first 5 weeks, he was NOT and it was constant crying and screaming. I was beginning to wonder what we were thinking. 
This week has been good! Rhett's still loving his Rock-n-Play Sleeper and PRAISE THE LORD for friends and Facebook because without those two things, we would not be in the bliss we are now! The 2x (sometimes 3x) I have to get out of bed and grab him up to nurse are FAR easier than him sleeping in my arms with me propped straight up tryin to sleep! I don't know who created or came up w/ this device but I want to personally thank them from me and all the parents who own this and are happy parents now! :)
Left: Ft. Worth Zoo June 2013; Right:Central Baptist Easter Egg Hunt April 2014
This silly goose has her closing ceremony & awards for her last year as a Cubbie at Awana's tonight! I found this pic from last summer's trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo and OMG how did she get this big?? She's growing into quite the young lady FULL of personality and kindness for others. She's an amazing Big Sis! I just can't believe what almost a year of growth looks like. She will be 5 in about a month...insane!!! Seems like yesterday she was 2 months old!
August 13, 2009; 2 months old...
I'm trying to get all the pics gathered up from Rhett's birth before I post his story so bear with me...
I cannot thank you enough for your thoughts, prayers and encouraging words through this new journey in our lives w/ our new addition, Rhett, and how you always include Shelby too.

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