Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rhett prep

Well, we have started preparing for Rhett's arrival! He will be here in just 9 weeks (hopefully not sooner!)! Josh, being the amazing husband he is, sat after the festivities of Christmas day were over and ordered ALL of Rhett's bedding, some wall decor and a rug! We also go his travel system over the holiday break too! I finished his diaper bag and I just love it! We've still got a lot to do but this OCD/Nesting Momma is MUCH MORE relaxed knowing this portion is done!
Christmas Eve (30.5 weeks)
his baby bedding is Real Tree

the twin bed going in the nursery is Orange Real Tree

his rug... just LOVE IT!

A stuffed deer head mount! Cutest thing ever!!
the wall vinyl going on the wall over his crib...
I made a Boppy Nursing pillow cover for Shelby's Boppy so Rhett can use it. Didn't think a pink floral print was appropriate for our little man :) This is the front of it..

the back in hunter orange of course! zipper for easy removal for those "UghOh" moments it needs washing...

His bedding is on the crib!

Rhett's Diaper bag I made that was soooo beautifully monogrammed by Mr. Teddy at TSports! The camo front panel is a big pocket for the moments I need a place for my keys, wipes, $, etc...

it has two elastic pockets on each end for bottles or water bottles
6 interior pockets for baby Rhett's needs

the back. LOVIN the Chevron :)

We had a dr's appt. on Monday and all is well! I'm 31 weeks and fell ALL 31 OF THEM! Rhett feels like he's taking up EVERY INCH of his space in there and is so low, it hurts to walk, sit, lie down, pretty much anything.. LOL.... I FINALLY got video of him moving around and it may seem wild and extreme but it's actually some of the calmer more easy movements he does from minute to minute. He's rarely still and his "movements" hurt so bad and have even been known to make me pee myself. LOL.. sorry TMI but it's true....
here, for your enjoyment.. LOL...

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