Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our hearts are almost full...(33 weeks)

According to TheBump.com, Rhett:
weighs about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. And he may grow up to a full inch this week -- amazing.

Rhett at 33 weeks
  • He's keeping his eyes open while awake.
  • He's also starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing.
  • His bones are hardening.
  • And he going through (more) major brain development -- that's one smart baby!

This is totally unreal to me, and yet it isn't because I feel huge, look huge and well, I AM Huge! LOL... I really want to see him one last time before delivery but I'm not sure if we get another ultrasound or not. I want to see again that we are having a boy. LOL.... I have trust
Not only am I counting down the weeks and days til my due date but I'm also sadly counting down the days til Shelby isn't my only baby anymore.  This whole process is sooo bittersweet. It's weird to feel joy to have a new baby coming into our family and us all be so super happy & excited but at the same time, I feel guilty because Shelby won't be my #1 focus anymore and who I give all my baby cuddles to.  I know that everyone tells me your heart makes room for another baby(ies) but right now, I can't wrap my mind or HEART around that right now, SO...the way I"m coping w/ this is to not focus so much on Rhett when I'm with Josh and Shelby and to focus solely on us as a family of 3 right now. One great way we did this, which was a great idea by Josh, was we all had Sunday lunch together at home after church and then loaded up and spent the afternoon outside at Logoly State Park (it's like 10 mins out of town). It was a gorgeous day and perfect weather and temps!
It was sooo fun and nice to hike, just us 3, through the woods and explore God's creation and let shelby feel the nature and see the nature. It was so lovely and made me forget all about being so uncomfortable and the stress and strain my body is under right now. It's hard to see these pics of Shelby because it proves how fast she's growing up. :(

 This past Friday, Shelby got sent home w/ the Secret Sack from PreK! She was soo excited! It's a pillow case w/ a notebook in it that the kids have to find an object (that's not a toy) and put it in the sack and then have their parents write THEIR description of that object in the notebook. They then take the Secret Sack back to school and their peers have to guess what's inside by their description. It's so fun and this is the 2nd time shelby's done it. :) She was out sick yesterday w/ a cold so we brought the sack back today! Can't wait for her peers to see what she put in there! It's something of baby brother's...
I just love how she wants to include Rhett in everything. Out of  everything she could've chosen to put in there, she chose something that is his and even wanted that in her description. :)
 Shelby got this Nerf Crossbow for Christmas from Mammy & Pop Pop and Josh and Shelby have had MORE fun w/ this thang.  It is right on target w/ the scope and shoots far, FAST AND HARD! The other night, I had a moment of weakness and allowed them to play w/ it in the house w/ some guidelines. Poor Figaro begged to go sleep in the garage this night.
Something doesn't quite belong in my blinds...

I was minding my own business in my chair when I felt beady eyes looking at me and this is what I saw. LOL.. I was in the cross hairs...

I see 4 eyes do you??
 One of Shelby's teachers, Ms. Janae, tagged me in this pic of Sheebs at PreK on Thursday after she got her dressed for dance class before I picked her up. She's such a ham!
 Well, one more prep for Rhett's arrival is done. I'm slowly but surely making progress... I want to use a Moby Wrap with him because I am going to breastfeed and want him as close to me as possible at all times to help w/ that but I will need the use of my arms w/ the every day activities we have. I looked into the Moby Wrap because it's soft, comfy for mommy and baby, and doesn't have any parts, straps, buckles, etc... well the issue at hand with it was that it's SOOO DARN EXPENSIVE(at least $50) so I researched it, which I do a lot on things like this that I get in my head that I could possibly make my self.  I found out that all the Moby Wrap is, is 5-6 yards of fabric at about 30" wide... seriously? That's it?? AND I realized if I used a jersey knit fabric, I wouldn't even have to sew or hem this thang!! WHaat?! Ok so come on... too good to be true??
I did it! I chose a jersey knit fabric I liked (which was another issue I found w/ the Moby Wrap; I hated all the fabrics and prints!), ordered 5 yards of it and BAM! It came in Monday night via UPS! The fabric was 60" wide x 5 yards long (yes that's huge!) and all I had to do was cut it in half long-ways and make it 30" wide x 5 yards long and that's it!! OH, and I got 2 wraps for HALF THE PRICE OF JUST ONE Moby Wrap bought in the store! SCORE!!!!! Josh was even impressed! The fabric cost me less than $30 (I waited til my favorite site,, put their Jersey Knit on sale and used my VIP Shopper coupon)!! It was hard to cut that much fabric in half so I recommend you getting it done for you at the fabric store by the clerk if you don't order your fabrics.
My lovely assistant thought it was the coolest thing and she and I learned how to use it by watchin YouTube video tutorials on how to wrap the wrap! Shelby was so cute walkin around wearin her baby! I like to call this our "Fauxby Wrap" hee hee

Well, that's all for now chickadees....
Have a blessed day and rest of the week! I've got exciting news coming up probably in my next post about Hubby's group, CrossPoint! :)

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Karen Weido said...

Awesome wrap. That is one thing I didn't have with Bug that I really wished I had. It would have made life so much easier, especially in the first few weeks of his life when we were trying to figure our new life out.