Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Unforgettable Christmas!

"Unforgettable" is an understatement! My daddy said, "It was the best Christmas ever." And it was a great time of family, food (TOO MUCH), fellowship, giggles, presents, childlike glee, the flu, loving time w/ family we don't see much, hot cocoa, desserts, OH DID YA CATCH THAT ABOVE?


YES.... as soon as my family was gearing up to leave our home on Christmas Day, Josh, who's NEVER sick, wasn't feeling well and wasn't himself.... by the next morning he had made him a dr's appt and was confirmed to have the flu.... he was down in the bed (guest room quarantined) for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT and remembers very little of those days... he was gettin encouraging words fr his fellow brother, friend and singer to "not go towards the light" but he was considering going towards it because he said it was less painful and it would all be over... LOL... he said he's NEVER been in that much pain, and this is after hearing his nightly "Shelby Silly Storytime" about a cable swing and an almost body cast... bless my hubby's dear bones, he was SICK... and Praise the Lord and it was a miracle, that Shelby, nor myself, EVER GOT IT! :)
we JUST GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE 2 days ago....that's right.. 2 DAYS AGO.... we were cooped up in the house from Christmas Eve til New Year's Eve!!!!!! talk about cabin fever and stir crazy..... Josh was ready to climb the walls... me... i'm a home-body (when allowed lol) so I was ok til about the last day then I was ready to get dressed in something other than the PJ pants I had already washed twice that week and wanted to try to remember how to fix my hair and put on makeup.. LOL...
Our New Year was rung in by us (just Josh and I) tryin to find SOME PLACE in Magnolia to find a dessert to eat and talk and all we could find that was open New Year's Eve at 7pm was Dairy Queen.  we rang it in eating a Blizzard and driving around town then went home, got back in PJ's and watched TV by the fire.. :) Perfect New Year's celebration to me!!
so yes.... we did have an unforgettable Christmas and break but ya know, it was great! we were all together and I believe God allowed this to happen so we would be forced to spend time together and focus on the love and caring spirit we have for one another and not fuss over the hustle and bustle!! it was an awesome Christmas even w/ the flu.... here's some pics for ya of the days we had....

it snowed Christmas DAY!!!

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