Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sewing in tha Nook

I'm enjoying sewing in my nook soooo much!! It being in the guest bedroom, shelby can play and watch cartoons.  She mainly likes to take ribbon and "create" stuff....haha
I've made three major projects in it and the momma who the New diaper bag and wipe case were for received them and LOVED it!
Here's momma Lily
isn't she adorable!??
On a new note...welcome to a new adventure for me and my BFF....
my BFF from Indiana and i are opening a shop in a house where you rent out rooms and such there in Indiana where she lives and we are working hard at it! Me being here in Arkansas, and the store in Indiana is kind of a challenge but Nichole is awesome and is setting it all up and I'm gonna be shipping out items to her SOON in the next 3-4 weeks when we HOPE to be ready for business!
here's the first items I've created for it and it's also a new item for Bizzy B's...

Any items I make for The Thread Market, I can also make for Bizzy B's... Nichole and I just wanted to combine my ideas, creations and designs and her incredibly amazing style, design, creations, ideas and taste and share with the world but for now it's gonna be in Indiana :) I can't wait!! :) She came up w/ the name a while back and I did her logo for another project that didn't work out and she and I agreed we loved the name and the logo we just HAD TO use it... :) so this "Best friends boutique" is gonna be new, fun, and awesome for us both to step out on faith for.... so pray for us.. :) I will makes sure to update and keep ya posted on the process and progress!

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