Monday, March 27, 2017

Rhett's Shell-abration

What a weekend! It was absolutely beautiful! Rhett turned 3 on March 7th but we delayed his bday party until Saturday so all his friends could come and so we could have it at Treasureland. We had horse shows in between so it was just better to do it on the 25th. What a fun and totally awesome "Shell-abration" we had! He wanted a Ninja Turtles party so that's what he got! He had never been to Treasureland before and I think he had a blast!!  I just realized, we had Shelby's 3rd bday party at Treasureland too!! OMG! haha.. You can view it here. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for parties for ANY AGE! It's awesome and the people are soo hospitable! They also have Laser Tag! Fun for kids, teens AND ADULTS!
The wonderful, and very talented, Laura Imler, did Rhett's cake and Cookie Doughmain did his cookies. AREN'T THEY PRECIOUS?? HE LOVED THEM AND SO DID HIS BUDDIES!

They jumped and played and ate and giggled! Such a fun day!

He got a little shy when everyone started singing to him and he didn't want to sit in the "king's chair" but by his buddy, Brooklee. He did eventually do it so he could blow out his candle, which he did mid-way through the song and so we didn't get a good pic of him doing it. It was funny though. The kids LOVED the cookies and all wanted a turtle off the cake...haha...

It was also a celebration for Mammy/MeMe's Bday!
We came home w/ Shelby's buddy, Kloey, for the day and they all played outside, then we went to eat at Smokin Bull and then had a special riding lesson that Kloey got to take part in too!

I think Rhett had a great bday party day and a day to celebrate him! He's a special little guy and one who doesn't really crave attention and is pretty laid back. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we would have 2 amazing kids. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us w/ him. He's gonna be something.... well, he already is! He loves SOO BIG and is such a kind, caring, silly, ALL-BOY, special little man. I am blessed to be his momma and LOVE his "Love" that he loves to "give all away." Happy 3rd Bday Rhett Rhett! We love you buddy!

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