Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy 3rd Bday Rhett!

I'm a day late posting this but I had pictures come up after I would've been posting anyway....sorry...

Rhett turned 3!! How is this possible?! He was just born! OMG this little boy is sooo full of life, mischief and spunk! He is officially PACI-FREE too! On Sunday, we lost it, unintentionally, and when he lost is other one (he had 2 for the longest time that were his favorites) we told him that was just the Paci Fairy coming to take his to give it to a newborn baby that needed it much more than he did. He was fine w/ that! SO. Sunday, when he lost his only one left, I kinda I buy a new one or stick to the plan Miss Liz and I made (at 3, NO MORE PACI)? SO.. I pulled up my big girl panties and told him, the paci fairy came again and reminded him of the deal that when he turned 3 there would be no more paci and that she took the paci to wrap it up for a special baby that would be born on his birthday. He said,
"Ok....that's ok."
WHAT? OK SO IN MY HEAD, I played it up to be this HUGE dramatic ordeal, since we were on the way to church, Josh was still gone to his conference and I was alone with the kids, but nope.. nothing... not even a whimper! He didn't ask for it EVER again... NOT EVEN AT BEDTIME! IN FACT, HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT SUNDAY! He has not asked for it again, well maybe once or twice, but I reminded him of the new baby who needed it more and he again said, "Ok." He did tell Miss Liz yesterday, "Ya know there's a new baby who has my pacis? I've gotta find that baby." HAHAH OMG.... I DIED...
So that was a milestone, bigger for me than him I think! It is bittersweet though because that was the last "baby thing" for him and now he's a big boy. I guess tying his shoes is next? :(
Happy Birthday (yesterday) sweet Bubby!
He gets a big party on the 25th with all his friends at the jumpy house place!
He had a special party w/ his daycare friends at Miss Liz and was sooo excited for his Ninja Turtle cupcakes and to "blow da candles!"

 Rhett got some really cool big boy boots from Mammy & Pop Pop for his birthday! He LOVES HIM SOME COWBOY BOOTS!

At Woods is their favorite place!
His last day and night as a 2 year old... :(

"Mommy...why you crying?" Because sweet boy...this is the last night I get to tuck you in as a 2 year old baby boy cause tomorrow you will be my big 3 year old boy! "Don't cry mommy... i still yuv you." :)
 He's 3! Check out his cool birthday shirt my friend Christine made him w/ his own name on a Ninja Turtle shell!

 Ok, yes, I cried here too.... he's not supposed to even have teeth to brush, must less do it all himself!

 And this is what he wanted for his bday.. giant Stuart Minion..haha ok Rhett :) Happy Birthday!
 I am soo blessed w/ such a wonderful family.... God totally broke the mold and has overflowed my cup!


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