Monday, March 13, 2017

MPHC March show

We just got back from a great weekend in Brandon, Mississippi at the MPHC March show. Shelby and Hershey did so well and ended up w/ 2nd place overall in her classes and got 3-1st placings under one judge in 3 classes! She had so much fun and got to see her BFF, Blair and her mare Pegg. It's always soo much fun when they get to show together!

Things started off kinda rocky. We got there about 3:30pm and Alan and the horses were broken down in Monroe. They got back on the road and made it to the arena about 4 hours later. Thankfully they arrived safely! Saturday started off fast and furious. Shelby's 1st class was the first class of the day and it went well.

Here's the "Duo." They're sooo special. They compete WITH each other and not "Against." The adults should learn a lesson on how to show from these two! They're all business in the pen, but before and after, they are playing and just best friends, not each other's competition.

We rocked right along and completed the halter classes w/ a 2nd place and then got changed into English. Her new English attire was sooo cute on her! She said, "Mommmma.. don't say it ("So stinkin cute.")!" But I did... cause she is!

The girls and their mares...

Shelby is improving sooo much in English each time she shows. She placed 2nd again and did so well! She and Blair both had mix up's on their Hunt Seat Equitation class but they had a great time!

So this was when the day got even more crazy. I go to get her purple outfit all laid out for her to change into while we wait for the remaining English classes to end and so she could be dressed, eat some lunch, and be ready when the Western classes started. I lay out her pants, her top, her boots and then it hits me.... there's NO CHAPS. Not a sign of them! I put her chaps in a heavy-duty garment bag separately because they're heavy, bulky, get dirt everywhere when we are done and I don't want them rubbing on the stones on her tops. Well... that garment bag did not make the trip. It was, I thought in Josh's Yukon, which he was not at the show, and then later realized it was in the back of her closet from Dixie Nationals. :( PANIC HIT ME LIKE A TON OF Bricks! I told Alan and he suggested asking Blair's mom if they had an extra pair to borrow, since Blair and Shelby were the only 2 their size competing. I ran to her trainer to find them and he guided me to their trailer. I called Trudy and begged to see if they did and they did not...
BUT.. she did have Blair's entire YELLOW AND BROWN outfit from Dixie that she wore and has outgrown that she brought for us to try after the show to see if we would be interested in trying it. SO.. we tried it FOR THE SHOW. was like it was made for Shelby and Hershey! Trudy let us borrow the hat, chaps, shirt, pants, belt and show pad and it was beautiful!! The brown matches Hershey PERFECTLY and the yellow looks soo good w/ them in the pen!

Trudy and Blair ended up giving us AN AMAZING DEAL on the entire outfit and show pad (except the hat) and so we jumped on it! They are truly once-in-a-lifetime friends and this is what showing is and should be about! Shelby and Blair have become BFF's sooo quickly and they LOVE to show w/ each other! These are 2 specials girls!
Two tiny champions taking over the US!

If you would like to watch her classes Gigi videoed, and we are FB Friends, you can view them here:

Hunter Under Saddle

Hunt Seat Equitation

Western Pleasure had a hard time loading and so it is not available.




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