Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last day of School & a Long weekend...

Well Shelby is officially a 2nd grader! She had a blast on her last day of 1st grade and as a Chipmunk, however, #onceachipmunkalwaysachipmunk so we are told! Mommy only cried a little bit but Shelby cried enough for the both of us the night before and the morning of. She was sobbing herself to sleep Thursday night because she didn't want to leave her teacher, Ms. Epperson. She's such a great lady and taught Shelby so many things!
Shelby also made new friends who have become best friends and grew friendships w/ forever friends as well in 1st Grade. This was quite the year of accomplishments! She learned to read, excells in math, loves art (like her mommy!), loves to sing (like her daddy) & share her unique passion for horses and riding w/ all her classmates. She ended the year with continuing to have all A's and excellent citizenship. We are so proud of you Shelby and Congrats!!

This Memorial Day weekend was long overdue! We had a lot of excellent family time and fun w/ the kids. LOTS of outside work was finished, giggles flooded the air, and just togetherness as we remembered those who died to give us the freedom we have today.
LOTS of play w/ her horses was had...

learning her Trail pattern for World w/ Barbie riding helmets and daddy's fire starter wood
 Shelby had a great practice w/ Team SPH Saturday and we were soo fortunate to use the AMAZING Story Arena to do so!
Even Rhett enjoyed practice as he found a tractor!

Practice continued the next morning early at Story Arena with some NEW lessons in side-saddle and her very first time riding BAREBACK! I even gave side-saddle a try (NO PICTURES WERE TAKEN!)! I am still sore today from that adventure. haha...

great Photobomb coach Shaw!

 We ended the weekend w/ shelby's BFF, Ryne, at her 7th birthday party! This is quite the pair! Her mother's cousin, who's like her brother, and Josh are best friends and have been since college and they all ran around together so seeing these two together continuing the friendship legacy is just special! I hope they're in class together next year! They've become inseparable!

 The Memorial Day break ended w/ finishing up the yardwork, which looks AMAZING now by the way thanks to Josh and his hard work, with a trail of lawn mower rides and jeep rides around the property! I just love our little family and as the kids get bigger and bigger, I find my heart does too!


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