Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Amazing weekend..

We started the weekend off with some EXCELLENT news! I entered 7 pieces of my art into the Sidewalk art show at the Magnolia Arts Center here in town and found out that I won an Honorable mention for my pen and ink drawing and BEST OF SHOW for my photography of Shelby and Badger! Total shocker!

We had a great weekend as a family at the Cotton Country Open Horse Show (CCOHSA) in Ruston, LA. Who would've thougth WE would be a "show family"? haha.. Rhett had a blast being a boy and dirty and all the "Horshee's".  Shelby DID AWESOME, as usual, not to brag. :) haha....

LOOVE her new saddle pad. looks soo perfect w/ her outfit!

the judge gave such great encouragement to shelby and was sooo impressed w/ her riding and personality

we LOVE our SPH famil and were soo happy to have Alex and Abbie back!

LOOK Hershey! We won $40 worth of Tractor Supply giftcards! You did soo good Hersh!

Bubby was tired....but such a good boy all day.. he loves the dirt!

as soon as she got ready for bed, she started reading her inspirational horse book
Shelby won High Point for last month & THIS MONTH, Reserve Mares, 1st in youth mares 13&undwr, 2nd in Limited Mares, 3rd in Limited Showmanship, 1st in 13&under limited showmanship, 2nd in Limited Western Pleasure, 1st in 13& under limited western pleasure, 2nd in limited western horsemanship, 1st in 13&under limited western horsemanship, 3rd in limited trail AND 2nd in 13 & under limited trail! ! $40 worth of gift cards to Tractor Supply! Wheewwww! She's tired but AWESOME!

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