Monday, February 22, 2016

What a Pair...

Shelby had her first lesson w/ Hershey since we brought her home on Saturday. She had an earache all week and couldn't ride.  She and Hershey did sooo great and practiced Showmanship too. Hershey is a WORLD CHAMPION in Showmanship and that sweet girl picked it right back up like she won yesterday! It's so sweet to see them together and how they're learning each other. Her trot is soo smoothe and beautiful...

LOVE her sweet "Beauty Mark" :)

Even Rhett and Daddy got into the grooming! Shelby got the sweetest gift from Mr. Alan and Ms. Linda... Her very own grooming set in PURPLE! Soooo sweet and she LOVED IT!

Hershey and BJ are becoming great buddies! 

Such pretty posture :)

Training is fun but it's serious business in her book :)

Showmanship practice... Settin Hershey up :)


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