Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I had a happy 33rd Bday!

The reasoning behind having a happy birthday is because I am SOOO LOVED AND SURROUNDED BY SO  MANY AMAZING FRIENDS AND FAMILY! 
This past weekend Josh took me to  Shreveport, LA for the day and we had a blast! It was just he and I and we had a lovely lunch, walk on the Boardwalk, and just us time.
Gigi and Gramps watched the angels for us while we were away.

These two are a mess! 
This was my "Happy Birthday Momma" smile and wish I got yesterday on my bday from Shelby before she left to go inside the school building.
my BEAUTIFUL Betsey Johnson watch Josh got me for my bday! I LOOVE Betsey Johnson :) She's my favorite!
Thank you Momma & Daddy for sending the beautiful flowers!


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