Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hershey for Valentine's

This Valentine's was epic and sooo much fun! It started off w/ a fun party in Shelby's class.  They had a blast! We played Valentine Bingo had yummy cookies and LOTS of giggles and hugs! This was the last party we will have in 1st grade :(. Shelby's class and teacher are THE BEST! So much fun!

Right after the party we got to experience something shelby and I have and probably never will again experience... newborn TWIN lambs! SAU has sheep production again! Twins were born Thursday and then MORE TWINS AND TRIPLETS on Valentine's Day! You can read the story here.
Aren't they sweet!? I thought they would be A LOT smaller and softer, but they are ALL LEGS and their short little wooley bodies are kinda like little dish scrubbers :)

Saturday.... well, this was the start to an EPIC AND FOREVER MEMORABLE Valentine's Day! We traveled to Houston to meet an amazing family who would have Shelby's new show horse, Hershey.
We left EARLY Saturday morning from the SPH barn to follow Mr. Alan and Ms. Linda to Houston for the weekend. Rhett and Shelby were soooooo excited and did well ALL THE WAY to Houston. We got there about 2pm to LJX4 Ranch and Shelby was OVER THE MOON! The Jordan's are THE SWEETEST, most genuine people and we are soo thankful to call them family now. Shelby got to meet Hershey and they just clicked. She's sooo lovey and loves cuddles and I think she is going to adore her new little girl.  She hasn't had a little girl before and I'm hoping she's ready cause this one is sassy, fearless and full of affection for her. She will be COVERED and smothered with LOVE!

Rhett had a blast running free and playing
Shelby got an awesome and long lesson from Ms. Lexi, Hershey's former girl. It was soo neat to see. Hershey and Shelby have to learn each other and figure their cues out. It's different when all you've had ride you were teens and adults and now have a tiny person on you. :)

Isn't she pretty??

Can't wait to build this new bond and team at SPH! :)

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