Thursday, June 19, 2014

Swimming lessons: Week 1

This week shelby had her 2nd year of swimming lessons with Miss Kimmy and Miss Cassie.  She gets to take 2 weeks this year.  Last year she could only take one of the weeks and I wish I had put her in both because it would've helped her so much and by us not having a pool and keeping her in a pool that hurt her too.  This time around, I'm determined to keep her in the water and get this little tadpole moving! :)
She has done SOOO WELL this week!  She went from being timid to put her face in the water, to yesterday wanting to dive under for toys! I'm so proud of her and can't wait to see how she's doing by the end of next week!
Here's pics from the week...

Day 1: Timid to put her face in the water

Rhett was not impressed with swimming lessons

"this is how you keep water from gettin in your nose"

a weekend w/ CrossPoint, Swimming lessons and summer PreK  wore this little bit out!
 Day 2 of Swim lessons:
anxious and excited to get in the water!
 Day 3 of Swim Lessons:
SUPER Excited and loves to put her face in the water and learned how to dive under for toys!

Day 4:SHE CAN DO IT!! TODAY SHE DID IT! She now pushes her feet off the bottom and swims! She can swim on her back and puts her face in the water swimming on her tummy! Next week's goal is to work on the kick!

Videos of today and the success of all week!

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