Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shelby's 5th Frozen Bday Party

Her bday invitation I designed... I just LOVE doing this for her!

OMG Is all I can think to say!! Shelby's bday party was soo fun and came off w/o a hit! It helped to keep my mind off how big she's gotten and how grown-up she's become.....ok..wiping the tears and back to the fun stuff....
She had 15 of her friends there and over 35 people at her party! We had a blast w/ the water slide, pool, Quad Slip-n-Slide, Play House, Sand box, Pinata, treats, cake, pizza, etc... It was so fun to watch all these little bitties running and screaming and giggling all over the backyard!
It wasn't as bad preparing for it as I thought either! I had A LOT OF HELP! My mom and mother-in-law helped SOOO MUCH with watching Rhett while I decorated and made sure all the kids were happy and well fed.  Special thanks to Laura Imler who, ONCE AGAIN, made shelby's fabulous bday cake (You can see her Bubble Guppies Cake from last year. It was just as awesome!) !!
Well, so here's the party pics! there's a lot so be prepared!!

riding w/a  LARGE HEAVY cake in your lap on the lovely Magnolia roads was NOT A PIECE OF CAKE

making Olaf's!

Happy 5th Birthday sweet Shelby! we are soo proud of you!

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