Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What a great weekend & Happy Bday!!

Thank the Good Lord it's finally cooler, and hoping it stays this time! This weekend was so fun! We had the SAU Game (that we won again Southwestern!) and then Shelby on Sunday had a Super Heroes Bday party to go to for one of her friends in Springhill.  We were busy and on the go but it was awesome!
Also, TODAY is Josh's 34th Bday and my brother's 27th bday! Two of the best men in our lives celebrate the same bday! :) My brother's wife and I have the same bday too.... :) We like to keep it all in the family! :) I hope you two have THE BEST birthday's! Love you!
OLD pic of Uncle Bear and Sheebs but a good one! This was at her 2nd Bday party

Ok, here's a photo dump from the past week and weekend...
shelby's class at Mrs. Mandy's went to the Fair Wednesday....

Kymber and Sheebs... Best buds

Her fav teacher, Ms. Amber

"I SAW AN UMBRELLA BIRD!" She called the chickens w/ hairy feet and poofy hair "Umbrella Birds" cause they look like the Umbrella Bird on Mammy's flash cards... LOL

Helpin daddy choose fireworks for the SAU Game

"They're gonna go WAAAY HIGH in the air!"

This is the 3rd SAU Mule shelby has had the chance to ride on! This is the newest mule, Molly C. :)

Max & Sheebs like to play chase!

Best buddies!

Super Sheebs! She got to go to a Super Hero Bday Party Sunday and this is also her Halloween Costume

I made her mask and super hero batgirl belt

painting daddy's bday present she chose to give him :)

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