Friday, September 20, 2013

Game Day Outfit!

Here in the South, football is a way of life! Our blood runs  Blue and Gold ( well and Red for the Hogs too)...

I never sew for shelby unless it's an alteration or a hairbow so yesterday I decided she HAD TO have something for Game Day at PreK and of course to wear to the SAU Games.  I had this navy tank I bought for a $1 at Walmart when they did their clean out sale and was saving it because it is the perfect feel and color for SAU games.  I bought the gold striped fabric at Hancock's this weekend w/ Momma and  it's the perfect color because it's the ACTUAL SAU Gold! I originally was going to do two different fabrics for the pants but I love how the gold striped looked and making the legs vertical and the waist and ruffles horizontal :).  This was a last minute project so I need to alter the waist a bit to fit shelby better but overall, she loves it! Oh and the "Mule" ribbon was a special added touch to the top and the bow. :) Molly the Mule is represented well!
I appliqued differently than I usually do this time... I went for the worn-look like a little Abercrombie-ish w/ the frayed edges on the lettering...

she was too busy waving at her friends to pose for me

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