Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Worn Out Woot Woot

So the Hand Foot and Mouth monster bug hit our home last Sunday and has totally taken over our lives!!!!! I hate it!! Shelby has been miserable and not sleeping at all!!! In the midst of all this hurt and chaos I sewed up this precious outfit for our local pageant for the Blossom Festival. Olivia ended up winning1st Runner-up and most photogenic! To me, Best Dressed in my eyes as well, but I'm partial! Hahaha
This entire outfit is customized just for her and each rhinestone was placed by hand. I have no idea how many hours this outfit took but I must say it's the most I've EVER spent making anything!!

The lighting was off in this one.....

(all pics below are courtesy of olivia's mom's facebook page)

Isn't she a cutie?!!!!

Shelby is getting better but it's awful seeing her sooo sick...Please pray she continues to improve. She, nor I, have slept since Saturday!!!! I'm runnin on pure adrenaline at this point and surprisingly haven't had any meltdowns! Hahaha

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