Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday!

Today's Woot Woot is definitely about this...

Yeap! The potty training has officially begun!!! And... It's success!!!!!!
Shelby has done sooooo great! I started Monday putting her in pull-ups and introducing her to her potty that we've had for a long time in the guest bath (her bathroom)but she wasn't ready til now. She did ok in her pull-ups Monday but yesterday I decided that it was REAL panty time!! I put her in real panties at noon and she peed 7x before bedtime at 9pm! She had a poopy accident in her pull-up tues. Morning nut only had one accident (pee pee) in her real panties the whole day!!! Her amazing Fisher Price Cheer For Me Potty is what I say is key. It sings when anything hits the bowl and she just lights up when she hears it sing! I also got a "Potty Jar" that is filled with MnMs and Sesame Street stickers (her two fav's)that she gets to dig into when she uses her potty and it's working! I ask her every 15-30 min. If she needs to potty and regardless I encourage her by gently saying, " let's go make the potty sing! K? Lets try!" and she does!!! Usually within 5 min she uses her potty!!! I feel soo bittersweet about this at age! She's growing up soooo fast and yeti feel so proud of who she's becoming!

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