Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday

First off, my HUGE "WOOT WOOT" for today is....that I was very upset for the rumor going around that Josh & I are expecting again, WHICH WE ARE NOT, and the fact that this KEEPS COMING UP!!!!! So we squashed that from the person who brought it to our attention IN WALMART of all places and I left it for a day as my Facebook hurt sooo bad b/c I DO need to lose the rest of my baby weight and infertility weight (THANKS A LOT CLOMID) but would carry this and more to have Shelby as she is now and how wonderful she is!!!! BUT I've been on a "Lifestyle" change for a week now and eating right and being right to my body and.....drum roll please....
8 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK!!!! (it was 6 lbs last night so 2 more lbs lost since last night!!!) IN A HEALTHY WAY!!!
I am willing to share how via email so feel free to email me:
Ok, so there's my personal "Woot Woot" for today but....
Today's Woot Woot Wednesday is about Lori's Storys! This is SUCH A CREATIVE AND FUN giveaway/activity I just couldn't pass it up!! Go to Lori's blog and grab her button and spread the word about her Valentines Scavenger Hunt! Here are the rules:
"WHOOO Loves Some Fun Scavenger Hunt" is fun and different for Valentine's Day. Lori is giving you the opportunity to win something special each day from February 1st - February 14th. So heres how to play, WHOOO LOVES SOME FUN, SCAVENGER HUNT Activity. So here's how to play, you MUST be a follower. Pick one Blogger from my Blog List & visit their blog, if you like it follow them. Comment who you visited. Be sure to add your email to the comment. A winner will be chosen by
I JUST LOVE her little button/icon for this scavenger hunt (can u tell why? LOL)
Stay tuned for new Bizzy B's creations to come!! The sewing sabadicle is almost over and the orders are in line and on the calendar!

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A Plain Path said...

Well, ick on the rumor mill!! Hope the mouths are stopped now. But, congrats on the weight loss...way to go!

The scavenger hunt sounds fun, but I'll have to pass this time. Can't keep up with the following right now, but hope it is a blast for everyone else!