Friday, February 4, 2011


So today is yet ANOTHER snow-day for Magnolia. However, Josh got to work (because he's an early bird) and THEN they called it and SAU closed. All the other schools were closed and SAU is always the last to decide because they have to consider the commuters and those coming from afar to work/school.
I'm all about the beauty of the snow but 24°F??!!!! THAT HURTS IT'S SOO COLD! We had to go to Walmart last night for a few items and it was soooo cold I squealed! LOL....
I REALLY WANT to get some pics of Shelby in the snow but she gets a runny nose soo easily and has had a lot of drainage lately b/c of this crazy weather and I don't wanna chance it. Plus, if we try to take her out, get a picture and come back in, she'll flip out b/c this kid is an outside girl!
This was her last week playin in our driveway w/ a catapillar...She's soo funny and LOVES animals!




SHE'S SUCH A HOOT! I love that she says soo many words now and mimics almost anything you do! It's soo fun!!

it's soo hard to believe she was 10 months old in this picture! Stacy from Cloud Dust took these and surprised us and dropped these by the other day! They are mounted to foam board (well printed onto a foam board material) and I wanted them in a place where people can see them and so what better place than the guest bathroom?! This is a shelf that is soo special (to me anyway). This shelf hung in Josh's bedroom as a kid and it's sooo beautiful and the perfect size for a few little beauties.
The guest bath decor is very ME....I hand-painted the walls (not like you normally paint a wall; I had Josh paint it a light tan then I took colors of rust, brown, gold, red, copper and chocolate and painted it like a canvas. It's beautiful (to me and not sure if anyone else likes it or not and we may paint over it someday)and original. The shower curtain is a GORGEOUS rich fabric of reds, gold, brown w/ a touch of teal in a luxurious paisley print. It came from Walmart years I have collected crosses since Josh and I got our first home, which was a 2 bedroom apartment by the college, and so this is my "cross room". Our friends, Wes & Ashley, contribute to our bathroom decor almost every year! They gave us THE GORGEOUS cross hung on the wall above the shelf as well as a picture above the toilet.
The two pictures Stacy brought by are two of my favorites from this photoshoot that we had in April 2010 and what better place to put these but here; on the shelf I love, next to the figurines I love and where people I love will most likely visit (LOL). I see them now for bathtimes (this is Shelby's bathroom; it's next to her room) and tiny teeth brushing and now potty training! So, feel free the next time you come over to use our "facilities" and you can view the beauties I love to see everyday!
Have a safe, fun & great weekend! What a great early b-day present to have a long weekend (Feb. 9th is my bday and NO I'M NOT EXCITED ABOUT TURNING 28..TOO CLOSE TO 30...celebrating Shelby's and Josh's is much more fun!.)!
One last thing, for those of you who missed how I'm losing my weight (lost 8 lbs in 7 days), go here to read all about it and any questions you have, please email them to me:


Kara Wright said...

Love your new blog look!!!

RN Mama said...

Oh, what adorable pictures!!