Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Woot Woot it's my bday!

Yeahp! Today is Woot Woot Wednesday and my 28th bday! I also got my wish! It always rains and always has on my bday but today....
It's Snowing again in south Arkansas!!!!!

I know I said this week's Woot Woot Wed. Would be extra special but ya know, having this time home w/ my family and seeing the beauty of the snow covering God's already beautiful landscape is much more special than anything I could ever post!
Well I'm gonna soak up this family time and snuggle w/ shelby and Josh!


Lori said...

Happy Birthday sweet lady. So glad that you got to spend it with your family. Enjoy the rest of your day!
Blessings, Lori

CindyC said...

Happy birthday, Bekah! I hope it is lovely and blessed!