Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday

Not only did we get snow here in SW AR but we now have a 19 month old! OMG....where's my baby??
So here's some pics of our South West Arkansas snow/sleet/ice storm we got Sunday & Monday.

The start as we left to go to church on Sunday to prepare for worship and for Sunday School. By the time Sunday School was over, the decision was made to dismiss everyone and go home b/c it was getting slick and nasty outside so we had praise team practice and Sun. Sch and went home.

this was mid-afternoon on Sunday.

view from the playroom into the backyard. Our sleet covered backyard....very little snow at this point.

THE BLIZZARD BEGAN!!! This was about supper was like a blizzard out there w/ a BEAUTIFUL fine snow falling and blowing everywhere!

view out the front door

view down the street from the front door ( i was gettin smacked in tha face by the blizzard takin this lol)

The snow result! Monday's Snow Day! :) Josh got to stay home b/c the roads were so icey and bad and Shelby's so prone to colds we didn't wanna chance it by gettin her outside so no Snow Day pic for her. :(

break for bath time :) I see the start of a curly

cuddle time w/ daddy :) soo sweet!
~God bless,

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Anonymous said...

You do such a good job documenting your life! Your little girl is going to look back one day and really appreciate reading through all your posts and stuff!