Thursday, January 20, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday RAIN CHECK

SO, I DUNNO WHY my blog didn't post my post for Wed. when I TOLD IT TO but o welll..guess this is just a Woot Woot Raincheck :)
Before last night (Wed. p.m.), the post below was my "Woot Woot" for this week but, I've two new ones!!!
1) our 2nd Mom2Mom is today and we are excited about what the Lord is doing! If you can, come by! It's at Immanuel Baptist Church (on the bypass across from walmart here in Magnolia) and is from 9:30-11:30 :) NURSERY IS PROVIDED for those up to Kindergarten.
2) Shelby POOPED AND PEED IN HER POTTY LAST NIGHT!!!! :) She was squatting and WE KNEW she was poopin so we told her to go to her potty and she did!!! :) She was sooo excited!! :) She will be 19 months on Feb. 12th! :) She's growin too fast! I thought about takin a pic of it and of the action but I didn' too much TMI if  I did that! She'll kill me as it is one day b/c of discussing this! This pic is from the other day...she knows the concept but last night was the 1st time it clicked...she's "Mimicking" this lately...yes, I know when she's 16 and sees this blog post she will DIE AND I WILL GET THE ROLLED EYES, "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM" LECTURE but I DO NOT CARE...IT'S TOO CUTE TO NOT SHOW She HAS TO DO this everytime I do but she's yet to do 'anything' in it but it's a learning process and this is progress :)...she knows that this is where you do "that" so that's HUGE! :)

isn't this the cutest thing?! LOL

So already I'm behind on blogging and it's a new year! O well.. Since it is a new year and all the drama w/ my blog design, I've officially got a new blog desing coming from Leslie! :) She's a lifesaver and total saint for dealin w/ my DAILY emails of "what if's" and random questions lol....CHANGE IS GOOD...CHANGE IS GOOD...CHANGE IS GOOD.... personal reminder....
Anyhoo, enough wallowing....NEW FABRICS CAME IN!! WOOT WOOT!!!

These will be used to make 3 ADORABLE outfits for a dear friend of mine who has a 9 month old and is having photography taken in February. They currently live in Korea (just moved right after the baby was born) and are comin in to visit family in Houston. I am HONORED to be the designer of her little precious girl's outfits! :) She's also gettin a CUTE duffle bag as well :).
Another "newness" is my local hair tamer did a great work on me this time around... color & cut

Ok, well not much else to say today...takin a bit of a blog breather so I probably won't post til next wednesday where I'll have LOTS to "WOOT WOOT" about then! I will leave you w/ these photos explanations needed....
ok well this one does....
where's shelby???


~God bless,

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jellaan said...

Love the fabrics,especially the paisly and the pink circles!! Are they from Yeah for Shelby going on the potty!! It's such a great feeling when little ones start to make the connection, isn't it!! Love your hair!! :) There is something about ON and the 3 year old loves them!!