Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year & Life

Taking a break from blogging has done me good! :) Josh gets about 2 weeks off every Christmas/New Years from SAU and those days were spent as a family and w/ friends and boy was it great!! This Christmas was sooo fun seeing how joyful it is to have a toddler in the house and New Year's Eve ended early for us because of her but was spent w/ GREAT friends and their kids! We went over to our preacher's house and had deer & chicken fajitas (which were AWESOME) and played Wii fit (which was HILARIOUS) and laughed at the kids! Steven & Tammie have 5 kids and one on the way any day now. They have 4 girls, 1 boy and then a boy on the way. Their youngest (for now), Isaiah is 2 so he and Shelby have a blast together in the nursery and play sooo well together and we LOL at them w/ his Nerf guns shooting the deer mounted on the wall and everyone else in the house! LOL.. I jokingly call him her "boyfriend" lol... they are so cute together! lol...Anyhoo...New Year's was great to spend w/ such wonderful people and I truly feel that it was a great start to this New Year and New Life I'm starting.
I don't believe so much in "New Year's Resolutions" but more so in a goal. Also, KLove (the radio station that YOU MUST find in your area) inspired me w/ a New Year's Word instead of resolution. They suggested we pick a word that we would like to strive to be and change our life. Now, the word doesn't need to be something that you obviously can't change or sooo out there that you could not do. Like for example,  if you are struggling financially you don't need to choose a word that would hurt that struggle. Make sense?? I have prayed this weekend for my "word" and it is:
I want to be more loving, open to love, give more love, welcome love, show love, and see love in  my life. This past year was a whirlwind of still learning the ropes of being a mom, the changes that has in a marriage and balancing it all. In that, I lost myself and the Word in my life. So w/ my word being "Love" my "goal" is to read The Word EVERYDAY, whether it be a single verse or a whole chapter. Just reading SOMETHING from His Word and spending time w/ Him. I'm being honest in that I let that go in my life and I see the results of that and realized what was "missing". Bro. Steven gave us a challenge to read The Word and prove that His words are alive. Steven had a great quote in his sermon yesterday morning and actually had several so I'll share them all,
"The sooner you empty yourself of you - the sooner GOD call fill us with Him!"
"You are making the most difference when you don't even know you are making a difference. Oswald Chambers"
"Revival will not come until we attempt to do something in the power of His spirit that cannot be done in the power of our flesh."
WOW......these quotes really hit me hard and have truly inspired me to follow what I should have been all along....I am excited to see what God will do in my life this year!

I also wanna show you a little more indepth of the projects I did during the holidays....I showcased these items a little bit earlier but wanted to show you more details.

This precious little beauty got this apron from "Santa" for Christmas and I've heard has put it to great use! I'm glad "Santa" asked me to help him out this year!

A dear friend of mine since childhood asked me to make all these for the women in her life for Christmas and they turned out BEAUTIFULLY and because of these, I have the opportunity to sell my Vintage Clutches at a local shop on the square here in Magnolia!! More about that later...:)

These are my new fav's to make!! I need to hunt for more jewels though...I'm runnin
I hope you all have a great week and had a great New Year!

~God  Bless,

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