Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Time Blog Break

*SO in my original post the title was "Family Time =(equals) Blog Break" but in the title AFTER I looked at it on my blog it had, Family Time :( (Sad face) Blog Break" OMG....SOOO NOT WHAT I WANT OR MEANT! LOL....
this is a short post of just some pics and to say that I am taking a break from blogging until Woot Woot Wednesday to spend time w/ my family. Josh has tomorrow (Monday) off due to the snow/sleet/ice that SW Arkansas has experienced and I wanna cherish EVERY MOMENT! Lots of pics to come, I'm sure!
Here's some pics of our lives recently:

New Year's at the McAbee's before Eli was born (Our preacher's family)

"THE Look" lol she gives quite often now!


Riding w/ Pappy

Me & my Little Bit

It's finally cold and she's sad she can't go outside w/ "Daa Daa" especially since he's burning leaves

This was my view Saturday from the kitchen window. :) Josh took her outside to play while I was cooking supper to take to the McAbee's (our preacher & his family) b/c they had baby Eliakim Malachi Wednesday (and I got to hold him and he helped spark baby  fever! LOL) and as I gazed out the window I felt what God feels when He sees us when we are doing His will and serving His Kingdom. My heart leaps w/ joy as she was giggling, running and Josh chasing her as I'm sure God does when He sees us leading others to Christ or serving our church or even reading His Word.
My prayer lately has been for Him to reconnect me to Him and His Word as well as those I love dearly. So far, He has done GREAT THINGS in my life and it's only the 9th day since I've started praying that prayer! KLove (the radio program) inspired me to have a "word" instead of a resolution this year and my word is "Love." I want to experience and use every aspect of this word for God's Kingdom as well as my family.
I hope you all have a SAFE and blessed evening and day off (hopefully) :).
~God bless,


Ashley said...

She is too cute for words ;)

Kristy said...

Thank you so much for following Warm & Fuzzies!! :)

I love the M2M outfits on here! SO cute!

Of course I can make a pink & brown owl! That would be super cute! Maybe you'll win Jill's giveaway! lol!