Monday, February 6, 2017

CCOHSA Awards banquet

2 weekends ago we had the honor to go to Cotton Country Open Horse Show Association's End of the Year Awards Banquet in Ruton, LA. Shelby was up for awards and recognition as well as the other Shaw Performance Horses team members! It was such a nice evening and we are in awe of the accomplishments Shelby and Hershey have made this year. Hershey has been with us a year THIS Valentine's Day and it's amazing to see the honors they've achieved together as a team! They're on fire and definitely noticed in the show circuit :). Who would've thought this is what we would spend our weekend's doing? Shelby will be riding just 2 years this April 8th and I never would have dreamed we would have such a tiny rider w/ so many accomplishments in such a short amount of time!
Seeing ALL OF THESE accomplishments for the year for OUR Shelby Lynne was just such a proud moment in our lives and to see her accept her buckle, halter and check for $465 (she won $630 in prizes total) was just amazing. She's JUST 7! lol...

 No rest for her though... she had to prepare for Dixie Nationals... Sunday afternoon rides are the best!

Tomorrow's blog post is all about THIS PAST WEEKEND where she competed at Dixie Nationals :)

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