Monday, February 27, 2017

Horsin around...

Our family weekends are now spent with the WHOLE family...Hooves and all...
Rhett is beginning to love to ride too! Anytime he comes with us for riding lessons which is not all the time, he wants to and gets to ride. He got to ride Hershey a little bit but this time he got to ride Abbie's horse, Booster. He's a sweet boy and I don't think he minded at all!
Shelby had an EXCELLENT lesson and is in prep for her next APHA show, March 11 in Mississippi. The biggest challenge has nothing to do w/ her riding but w/ her fitting into her show clothes. haha.. I'm thinking of a new shirt to start on for her. Her showmanship outfit had to have new pants and her jacket sleeves are going to need to be let out very soon!
It was such a beautiful weekend to be out at the barn.
a little conditioning and balance work

a little conditioning and balance work

Gettin side-pass advice from Mr. Alan on Booster

Rhett loved riding Booster!

So neat.. Shelby w/ Hershey practicing showmanship and Rhett and Josh on Booster just riding around


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what happened to your post about your b-day and valentines day?