Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sickly weekend of fun...

So our weekend started of kinda yucky w/ Rhett getting sick w/ a fever and nasty cough. That called for a weekend home, Josh taking shelby to her riding lessons and Shelby walking next door to a birthday party for her buddy, Tucker.

Shelby had a blast at Tucker's party! Pictures courtesy of Tucker's family..
I wish I could've been there to see all this. Shelbe loved walking over like a big kid and walked back. It was so sweet. She and Tucker have such a sweet friendship.

Rhett is now all better and life has gone on as usual.... Shelby's preppin for a big horse show Feb. 4-5th, getting her first buckle and awards $ and more for her year of riding w/ Cotton Country Open Horse Show Association in Ruston, LA this weekend, Rhett is loving having Max indoors still, he's almost 3, which hurts, and wants a Ninja Turtle party, he's become "the bossy one" at daycare and is full of mischief!
Our 2 kids are so different yet so equally amazing. They're both growing so fast and I feel like time is slipping away each and everyday. God has been pressing on my heart to be present and to be in the moment of each part of my day. The good parts, the not so good parts. Embracing every aspect... Embrace that Shelby is growing into a young lady and that Rhett is his own person and will be allowed to be.


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