Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas decor

As soon as we returned home from Branson, we unpacked, and immediately began to decorate for Christmas while we still had the uncommon burst of energy. This was special because this was the first year EVERYONE got to help. Rhett delighted in fluffing the tree and hanging certain ornaments. Only ONE was broken, which it had to be a valuable Christopher Radko one, but it was just a possession that wasn't worth the scolding.

Christmas is my favorite holiday because so much love and so much peace fell upon the earth at Christmas and it seems to be the time of year when that happens the most still today. The birth of Jesus is so remarkable and precious. Having a children of our own, I feel connected to how Mary and Joseph must have felt. The joy they felt at Jesus birth and the joy they must have felt watching Him grow. Children are special gifts from God. At times I forget and let the chaos, mess, and frustrations dim the light they bring to us. Christmas reminds me of the light we are to shine and let our children shine in this dim, dark world.


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