Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Season

I've been absent from my page and I have no excuse as to why... Life I guess. This time of year is tough. I was chatting w/ a friend of mine and December is such a busy time for everyone. Kids are involved in parties, musicals, skits, etc... Parents are involved in taking the kids to everything, be at everything, bringing food/snacks for everything, buying Christmas gifts, making sure Santa has their lists, that the Elf on the Shelf is watching over them, keeping the Magic of Christmas alive in them why all the while instilling the TRUE MEANING of Christmas in all that they see and do during the month.  This is A LOT of pressure and A LOT TO DO in one month.

I've yet to finish Christmas shopping, haven't wrapped ONE gift, have no idea what Rhett is going to get for Christmas that is equivalent to Shelby's, making sure all the family is happy and equally gifted, the outside of the house has not one cent of Christmas decor on it (however the inside is beautifully decorated) and it won't have anything outside because it's just too late and really the least of the worries... the list can go on and on of what I've not done or need to still do but what I have done is love my babies the best I can, loved their daddy the best I know how, helped keep them safe and warm, and tried to instill Jesus in them. These two plastic clear ornaments w/ what seems like chaos stuffed inside help to remind me that our lives are blessed and that God is the reason. What could've been soo bad and so sad was delivered and made new and whole again, just like God's Son for us as he was crucified, buried but then rose again. The antique ceramic Christmas tree reminds me of my childhood. It was my mother's and and she gave it to me last year. It's the symbol that I remember growing up that meant it was Christmas time. She would get it out, place it in the front window of the house in the dining room and I would get to turn it on. I cherish this precious piece and now my kids get to turn it on. THIS is how I want Christmas to be in my home. Love, rememberance, memories, fun, laughter, and treasuring each other. I strive for this each year as the guests come, the food is cooked, the wrapping paper is shredded and each person is together and loved.


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