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Color Breed Congress 2016

What a weekend! Hold on tight...this will be A LONG POST w/ LOTS AND LOTS of Pictures...

We, and by "we," I mean Josh, myself, Shelby and Rhett, traveled Wednesday to Tulsa, Oklahoma for Shelby to join her team, Shaw Performance Horses, to compete in this year's Color Breed Congress Friday through Sunday.

She practiced on Thursday and had a really good practice. We were all happy to be reunited w/ our horse family! Rhett had a blast seeing the tractors, meeting people and playing down the stall aisle and in the arena dirt!

Hershey and Maebe.. Hershey is not amused that baby Maebe is "not touching her" haha

I was also delighted and had a blast making over Erika for her halter classes! LimeLight by Alcone was awesome to her and so easy to use and blend! I LOVE doing make up and just love it period! Erika really sparkled and shown in her classes! I also helped to bling-up her jacket as well. :) THANK YOU Heide and Erika for asking me!

We started out Friday, not too early...but well rested and ready to show!
She competed in PtHA (Pinto Horse Association of America) classes:

Youth Walk Trot Trail (ages 5-9 yrs old)
Youth Novice Walk Trot Trail (ages 5-18 yrs old)

Youth Walk Trot Western Showmanship
Youth Walk Trot Western Horsemanship (ages 5-9 yrs old)
Youth Novice Walk Trot Western Horsemanship (ages 5-18 yrs old)

Youth Walk Trot Western Pleasure (ages 5-9 yrs old)
Youth Novice Walk Trot Western Pleasure (ages 5-18 yrs old)

She's all ready for her Trail classes...there were 12 in her Youth class and she was 2nd to work and 5 in her Youth Novice class and she was 4th to work.
Makeup LimeLight by Alcone done by me!

Makeup LimeLight by Alcone done by me!

twins? haha

goin into the holding pen

she always likes to be the first back in

Horse show sisters, Shelby & Blair from South Louisiana

SHE WON 5TH!! TOP 5 in Youth Walk Trot Trail!

Ready for the next go w/ Youth Novice Walk Trot Trail...the BIG GIRLS class... up to 18 yr olds!

You can watch her rock it here...she starts her ride for class 357 at the 6:15 mark

 She did AWESOME her first day showing in her Trail classes! She was 5th overall in the Youth Walk Trot Trail class making her in the Top 5 and then.... Horseshowsissy showed out in the Youth NOVICE (which is 5-18 year olds) Walk Trot Trail class where she placed 1st UNANIMOUSLY under all 4 judges and won Champion overall!! WE ALL CRIED, even our loved ones who watched at home online! It was soooo awesome and we are sooo blessed!!! It was a high all day and night! We are STILL over-the-moon w/ excitement! She won a blue ribbon metal, a free Champion jacket and Champion picture! Needless to say, She was excited!!
**We are still waiting on the professional pictures to be posted of her Trail Classes. I will do a new post when we get them.

On Saturday, it was an early morning.. 1st show of the day, starting at 7:30am...there were 18 in her class and she was last to work.

She did well in her showmanship class, but did not place. However, she DEFINITELY made her presence known and handled herself w/ grace, professionalism and poise. She was BEAUTIFUL and it was so neat to see her be so humble and happy for everyone that did place, including her "Horse Show Sister," Blair, who did very very well! Showmanship is very competitive, even in the 5-9 yr old classes, and for this to be her first BIG SHOW doing it, she did well. There were a few mistakes and in this type of show, a mistake could cost you. It did this go around but she didn't let it get to her and she held her head high.
She got a tad discouraged after her showmanship class and not placing but then we got the call that she was chosen as Saturday's Exhibitor of the Day! Her "Horse Show Sister," Blair, was Friday's and so shelby was ALL EXCITED because that meant she got a free Breyer Horse! What's even more incredible and a definite God-Thing, is that the Breyer looks JUST LIKE Hershey's last baby, Waylan! :) haha....

 SHE ALSO got to pick up her finished Champion jacket!!

Later on Saturday, she competed in her Horsemanship classes...there were 16 in her Youth class and she was 2nd to last to work and then there were 13 in the Youth Novice class and she was right in the middle to work.

She placed 6th place overall in the youth class and 8th overall in the youth novice class!! Great great competition and she held her own!

this was so fun to watch... 
 I got a message from a horse show friend show sent this Snap to me from the girl that she's friends with who Snapchatted about Shelby and how awesome she is and how she just adores her! She was one of those working the entrance gate!

 Rhett and Shelby made Pinto Horse Association of America's Facebook page!
 We went back to the hotel for a break before practice that night and we were all watching TV and snacking and we look over and see our little champ passed out... bless her...
 Sunday was another bright and early morning... 7am... classes started at 7:30am and she was ready!
Western Pleasure day...
we tried to get her to take her professional picture the night before and she said, "No, I want to wait until I"m done on Sunday so I can add those metals to the picture too." She was there to have fun and do well....
and that she did...

coaching from coach shaw

This stinker placed 5TH OVERALL in her Youth Walk Trot Western Pleasure Class!! There were 15 in the class and she was first out the gate to work.

Throughout the days, they would choose a class to do a Hula Hoop Challenge and whoever hula hoops the longest wins the prize. She got to do this twice and had a blast! 
 This was the last class for shelby for this year's 2016 Color Breed Congress and she had her game face on! The only voices she heard was from Coach Shaw and the announcer. There were 12 in her Youth Novice Walk Trot Western Pleasure class and she was first out again to work.

 That stinker did it AGAIN!! SHE WON 5TH OVERALL AGAIN! haha...

It's hard work being a champion...
What a great 5 days we had in Tulsa w/ an even great team and support system there and at home! Thank you to all who supported her here at home, took the time to watch her online and prayed for us while we were there! She has her last show of 2016 this Saturday and then it's time to prep for Dixie Nationals in Jackson, MS in February.

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