Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Two Two... Rhett's 2!

I cannot belive our Rhett Rhett is 2 years old! He had a great party! He LOVES trains, cars, trucks, balls, and turtles but we went w/ Thomas the Train because he's Rhett's favorite! It was a small party, well smaller than Shelby's. We had family, friends of shelby's and a few of Rhett's BOY buddies. Rhett was much happier being w/ his "Shissy" and her friends though. We rented a huge double slide bouncy house and the kids loved it!! Rhett liked it too! He wasn't in a very good mood for his bday party Saturday but he did well and had fun overall.  Thanks to everyone who came and loves my kids and family so much! Y'all are a blessing to us! It definitely takes a village to raise children and we have a pretty awesome village!

Happy 2nd birthday sweet Rhett!!

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