Thursday, March 17, 2016


Shelby's training for the show season has begun. Our first show, Cotton Country in Ruston, LA, was cancelled because of all the flooding in Louisiana.  Please contiue to pray for the families, homes and lovely people of Louisiana.
Shelby is training for Showmanship (SMS), which is a brand new class for her, Horsemanship (HMS) and Western Pleasure.  I'm also starting to work on designing and making her show attire this season!
These are some of the BEAUTIFUL SMS and HMS attire I LOVE and hope to make something at this level one day for shelby... some of these are $2000 tops and can go up! aren't they beautiful??

THIS IS AMAZING AND done by the amazingly talented Kelly of Kelly's Custom Show Clothes

Kelly's Custom Show Clothes vest

Just Peachy show clothes designer

Just Peachy

She went to Color Congress in November, which you can read all about here, but this June she will be going to PINTO WORLD back in Tulsa, Oklahoma!!! This is a whole other level of "show" and we are all super excited!
Hershey is such a fabulous girl for shelby and she ADORES HER and having her own horse. It's so sweet to see her true love for horses every week.  It's also AMAZING to see her daddy become a "horse person" too! I've officially become a "show mom" according to my best "horse person friend," Linda.  I've learned soo much and have SOO MUCH to still learn!

During practice each week, she gets a break to just "play." She ALWAYS goes to the trail course and just LOOK AT HER GO... she's in the foreground on the darker horse.

 Here they are during SMS practice...

She's getting it! Hershey is a World Champion in SMS so she knows what she's doing, just teaching her little person to do as well as she does. In fact, this video below is of their trainer, Alan Shaw, practicing SMS w/ Hershey one night last week WITHOUT a lead rope or even touching her! It's ALL BY VOCAL COMMAND and her paying attention to his moves.  THEY'RE AMAZING!!!

Isn't that the coolest?!! Shaw Performance Horses has TOTALLY changed our lives and we are so blessed to be apart of the SPH Family.
Rhett's next....


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