Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas from the Kee's

I always enjoy making and designing our Christmas cards and participating in Faith's Christmas Card Carousel!! This year was fun because we went to Branson over the Thanksgiving holiday and got "festive" pictures from Silver Dollar City. I LOVE how everyone's personality is portreyed perfectly!
I pray everyone has an amazing Christmas and remembers that Jesus is the reason we celebrate, not the gifts under the tree but the gift from above!
here's few more festive pics from our December so far... The Burton's and the Kee's are all coming to town today so watch out Magnolia!
Our annual SAU Celebration of Lights picture with Santa! Rhett wasn't too sure about him so all Santa got was a Hi 5 from Rhett. No picture ahah

made a pretty little village piece for our dining room table

Rhett's first time at Ms. Megan's while mommy and daddy had a Christmas office party. He had a blast!

Celebrating with her buddy, Kymber, for her birthday at school with a special lunch

Rhett got pneumonia and was down Wednesday night til Sunday night :( we are on the mend now..

1st Grade Chipmunk class Christmas party success!

a day home w/ my sick little buddy was good for my soul but was sad to see him feel bad :(

presents? wow! Gigi and Gramps left gifts and Rhett will destroy them before it's even time to open!

my favorite boys!

my mother brought me the most precious gift.. my grandmother made this and my mom displayed it every Christmas in the front dining room window. It's probably over 100 years old and now I have the honor to display it in my home every season!

 Merry Christmas from the Kee's!

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