Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Big kid rooms

Is it really the 1st of December?? What?? OMG...
So when we got home from Branson, shelby's new room bedding was in and Mammy & PopPop finished her new bed.  Pop Pop gave her his "man cave" iron full bed so he can down-size and I had the idea to paint it pink. It turned out SOOO good and looks AWESOME with her light blue walls! They finished it and placed it in her room while we were gone so when we got home we moved her furniture around, put her new bedding on, redecorated her walls and Mammy added her new nightstand and the AWESOME lamp she ordered her.  We found her a new rug in Little Rock and what's funny is that it's the same print and color as my fireplace rug in the great room! haha... I'm not used to her having a big girl room but she loves it and it's all she wanted.  I'm going to paint her closet doors to look like barn doors in pink so I've got that left.
Rhett also got a small re-do.  We sold his crib and Shelby's trundle bed the same day and so it was bare w/o his crib in there.  We moved his dresser over to the opposite wall and Mammy & Pop Pop gave him a new nightstand that was Josh's late aunt's. It's perfect! The coolest thing is that Rhett got his own little TV mounted now. Haha.. Just like a man... lol...
I'm not used to my babies not being babies anymore but it's a fun transition and the kids are loving every minute of it!
Shelby's room before...

Her new bed before & after:

I had photography I took as well as my boss, Aaron Street printed to canvases for her room.
The canvases came from Easy Canvas Prints

 Rhett's new room:

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