Wednesday, December 2, 2015


It's that time of year again! My FAVORITE holiday and decorating season! Don't misunderstand me, I LOVE all things Christmas, decorating, etc...but the TRUE REASON I LOVE CHRISTMAS is because it's the celebration of the greatest birthday ever, Jesus Christ! I LOVE celebrating His birth and so that's why I go all out when it comes to Christmas! He deserves "all out!"
We started decorating Sunday after morning worship and are contining to do so. We put up 3 trees; 9ft, 6ft and shelby's little 3 ft. tree. I found an orange 3ft tree for Rhett's room in Little Rock, but he's NOT QUITE ready for that yet so I opted out of it this time.
We're going for a "Country Christmas" kinda look this year. I LOVE Burlap and so we are incorporating it in the decor. I LOVE how our great room tree turned out. We used only the old ornaments and "country-ish" ornaments on it. The dining room tree is our "family tree" that has the ones shelby's made, the kids favorite ornaments, the "firsts" ornaments, and a hodge podge really of those that we've been given by family and friends since we married ALMOST 11 years ago Dec. 11th. Shelby decorated her tree all her own again and she's gonna add her favorite teeny beeny babies to it as well.
Here ya go...
we've still got to decorate the kitchen, bathrooms, and front door but so far so good!

this was our engagement picture taken back in the spring of 2003

 Rhett LOVES the "Choo Choo" and bell ornaments so I hung them down on his level. The dining room tree also has mostly the "non-breakable" ones that if there were any to break, it wouldn't be total devastation.

 I LOOVE how the great room tree turned out. It's pretty even when the lights aren't on!
 Our foyer entry- way table

 I may or may not have had a meltdown doing the mantel this year... lol

 My tree collection is one of my favorite pieces. There's soo many memories with these.

 Can't wait to finish up!!!

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