Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Counting blessings

This week has been ANYTHING BUT normal. Crazy is an understatement, but actually, what week isn't? LOL.. life w/ 2 kee kiddos is never a dull moment! :) Shelby's bubbly and vibrant as usual, Rhett is sitting up, babbling, says DaaDaa, is eating table foods and NOT baby foods, Josh is traveling a lot w/ work and I'm running like a chicken w/ my head cut-off not knowing which way is up or down.. LOL...
but I'm alive
have two healthy kiddos
a beautiful home
family that love me
friends that love me
a church family that we adore
a wonderful husband who puts up w/ my crazy outbursts and emotionally draining mood swings
and the list goes on...
the good outweighs the bad...
shelby celebrated Johnny Appleseed's bday in The Owl Room at Kindergarten Friday

Rhett's first time driving...only real men can pull-off driving sissy's pink coup!

already gets how to start it!

can't believe how grown-up she is

speaking of grown-up...Blanket is by: Scribbles and Stripes

Fun day of Mulegating w/ dance buddies at SAU

my co-workers got great pics of Shelby and I at Mulegating. She wanted me to paint her face

meet your SAU Mulegating Kiddie Corner Activity Director. LOL
a Sunday afternoon at the SAU Duck Pond

a boy and his John Deere boots...what more could ya want?
 This week has been filled w/ anxiety for me and tears but the good really does out-weigh the bad.  God has me in His hands and always will...I've just gotta trust Him and let Him have FULL control. The control freak in me doesn't handle this well... I let the little things get to me and then make them into big things... I'm learning and don't have it all figured out, probably never will, but GOD DOES and HIS WILL is perfect and divine.

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