Thursday, October 9, 2014

My cuties

This week has been a whirlwind of mommy worries, flu shots, Rhett turning 7 months, and busy schedules...

 This boy is a mess...pot!!! he's sooo full of personality and our laid-back baby... praise THE LORD! I LOVE this age...he's got a smerk though that WILL GET HIM IN TROUBLE ONE DAY, we just know it!

 Our beautiful ballerina got her very first flu shot at school (I've always taken the kids myself to get their shots) and she said it didn't hurt at all and she was soo proud of her Smiley face on her band-aid!

this little red head turned 7 months on Tuesday!

I LOVE how they love each other!

Pink Out at Kindergarten on Wednesday!
These babies make me smile, scream, cry happy & crazy tears, laugh, and just overflow w/ Joy EVERY DAY! God has TRULY Blessed us!

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