Thursday, August 14, 2014

her last week of PreK

I'm flooded with emotions...
hmm can you tell she's a tad bit excited and counting the days, hours and minutes til she starts Kindergarten? Me, i'm fighting back tears.
 This has been Shelby's last week of PreK. She will start Kindergarten on Monday and as ready and excited as she is, my heart hurts! She had a blast at the Kickin it Kindergarten Style pool party Tuesday night and it was so fun to see her w/ all these great kids (which this isn't even a 1/4 of them! there's over 200 Magnolia Kindergarteners this year in the 2027 graduating class!)!
Each year, before the school year starts, Magnolia Kindergartener mommas get together and plan the back to school pool party where the kids and parents can all casually meet and the kids swim and have fun! They always have a banner made for the kids to sign themselves and they take a picture in front of it and when these babies are seniors (omg i figured up how old i'll be and that was a TERRIBLE IDEA!) they show this picture at their senior assembly..).
i love how big shelby signed her name :)

these two have been buddies since they were babies in the nursery together at church and now they're going to be in the Owl room together!

Kymber and Shelby became big buddies this year at Mrs. Mandy's Learning Center and I'm sure their friendship will continue on! I know their teacher's are thankful they're not in class together! LOL

I made shelby's teacher a "please take good care of my baby" basket... lol... I know placing Shelby in the Owl room is God's way of reassuring me it's going to be ok and that He's got her and she will be fine and so will I. :) I love how God thinks of me even down to the smallest detail and knows how to make my heart smile. He also comforted me in that her teacher, get this....this is how awesome my God is... her teacher is a pastor's wife! I'm sooo thankful her teacher is a Christian woman and LOVES OWLS! LOL...
I cannot believe how fast this year has flown  by! This picture below was on the first day in July of 2013 when Shelby started PreK at Mrs. Mandy's Learning Center and I was so afraid she would be scared and nervous, but just like she always is, she was not afraid but excited and ready for a new adventure. The picture next to it was taken on the exact day only a year later, this year, when it's her last days at MMLC..... wow how she's grown!!
When it was time to pick out shelby's school stuff, my initial reaction was to get her owl stuff but I held it in and let HER CHOOSE this time. She chose EVERYTHING for school and it's all just precious and not a single owl! LOL.... this kid loves Zebra's and horses soo much! She says she wants to be a "Rodeo Girl" when she grows up!

i had THE SAME folder as a kid! i love how Lisa Frank is still what's up!! ;)

Tomorrow we meet her teacher and I'm gonna be a mess trying to keep it all together but I know she's in God's hands and will have a great year and a great class!! Pray for me y'all.... i'm praying for all those momma's sending their babies for the first time to PreK, K or back to school. it's tough and I've never had to experience this. Rhett, well he's just going w/ the flow! LOL.. He will go to daycare starting 3 days a week as my work schedule changes to 3 days a week from 8-2pm...
God is good and He's got this! I just gotta let go...

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