Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We survived the first week of Kindergarten with flying colors!! Shelby LOVES IT! Shelby has the best teacher and comes in each day just glowing! She loves her school, her teacher, her classmates and the new friendships she's made and making!
Meet the teacher was the friday before and I was more nervous than she was! LOL.... She's in the Owl room and before you ask, NO I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! It was one of those things God does for His kids to comfort them and make them smile, ya know? :) Her teacher is also, without a doubt, a Christian! She is the pastor's wife for FBC Magnolia here in town! :) Thank YOU LORD for your blessings!

this kid... OMG.. this is her "I LOVE YOU I ROCK" pose LOL

we made a "Thank You for being my teacher" Owl PALOOZA basket for Mrs. Summerhill

her cubbie!

Kloey! They've been friends since they were babies in the nursery! So glad she's in class with Shelby!

Shelby and Berkeley! Her daddy works with Josh and I! SAU Babies! What's also cool is that my BFF from 1st grade-Senior year was from Vietnam and she and I looked JUST LIKE THESE TWO!

we already love Mrs. Summerhill sooo much! Shelby was tired of posing and wanted to go explore her classroom! LOL


there she is!

these three monkey's are gonna be a "Hoot" this year! Payton, who is on Shelby's dance team (sweetie on the left), Kloey and shelby!
 Shelby was sooo ready for her first day of school! I was very anxious, scared and a nervous wreck! Thank Goodness Josh drove that day! At Magnolia's Kindergarten, they come and get your baby out of the car so you cannot walk them in, that got me, but I survived! It was a rainy first day but she did fine! I only cried a little bit when Rhett and I got home and I realized it was just he and I on Monday. The first Monday that we weren't together! I worried all day and was ready for 2:30 to come so I could go get in the pick up line for her to come out at 3pm! She had a BLAST! She loves everything about Kindergarten! She's met new people, has new adventures each day and even has been getting a "Flying High" (Excellence) on her behavior chart each day! I'm so proud of her and who she's becoming! She's such a jewel and God has truly broken the mold w/ this one!
Thank you Lori at Story's for her FANTASTIC First day of Kindergarten shirt!

my first day was GREAT!!

I took a picture each day of last week... I can't believe she's this big!

what a great week!

Rhett Rhett was super happy shelby loves school too! He does miss her company though!

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