Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pallet artwork

For some reason my sewing machine is acting against me so I've just been painting and boy has that kept me busy! I've got at least 5 more pallets to paint. I'm sooo grateful to be using my talent for others and others actually interested in my work. :) Painting is good for me, even when I don't feel like it. The large pallets are $50 and the smaller ones are $25. I can paint anything you want. In fact, I've got an "Eye of the Tiger/LSU" one to do, as well as a "House divided" pallet to paint for some pro-teams.
I'm currently not taking any orders for Christmas, since I'm slap-full, but I am taking orders for after the 1st of the year until the baby comes the end of Feb./Beginning of March, then I'll be off for a while with Rhett.
Here's some of my recent work....
MHS Panther 26"x36"

Mississippi State Bulldog 16"x20"

Buck 30"x36"

Hog 16"x20"

razorback 30"x36"

Longhorn 26"x36"

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Marie Laveau said...

These are beautiful. You could probably get more than $50 per painting! I too am an artist and don't make ends meet doing it. I do sell my stuff back home and am starting Etsy. A friend of mine back home started an “earn online” venture. I watched and waited for a couple months to see if she really made money doing it. She does! So now I’m working at it. It is such a blessing to be able to earn some extra income in my nightgown and recliner!

Here’s my link: http://elisecrawdad.info/