Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bein 30 isn't so bad...

 well...I survived!! I'm officially 30!
Well I turned 30 on Saturday and as much as I dreaded it, it was a good day!! A day at home with Josh and Shelby and an evening of celebration with my parents and Josh's parents.  It was nice and calm!
The highlight was Shelby singing happy birthday. It was precious!! All day long she gave me hugs and kisses and wished me Happy Bday! She and Josh even made me a cake!!
Here's a my 30th birthday weekend Photo Dump...
Figaro is comforting the Old Lady :)

Bein 30 doesn't feel so bad after all...

Sunday afternoon clubhouse party! "NO BOYS ALLOWED" she said..."NOT EVEN DADDY's!" heeheee

The cake SHE and Josh made me and she's singing Happy Bday to me.. :) Best part of the whole day!

all this celebrating wears this gal out....

a great way to end the bday weekend was the gorgeous afternoon weather and us all playin outside and riding "Fourly wheelers" and "razorback red"

A few of my gifts!!!!
MY FAVORITE Bday gift from Josh and Sheebs! My ceramic Owl Stool/Side Table....OMG he's gorgeous and is by my fav spot in the house, MY chair that looks out into the backyard where the deer feed and close enough to be warmed by the fireplace.  :) I just LOVE that Josh and Shelby chose this together and I'VE BEEN EYEING this guy since before Christmas! I love him but I love Josh and Shelby's hearts even more to think so highly of me!

while Josh was gone all last week on business to Pittsburg, PA, I got sick, Shelby got sick AND the dryer quit... LOL... so on my Bday I was surprised with THIS AMAZING PRESENT!! I love it and have to learn how to use all the bells and whistles but i'm already enjoying it! Does it mean you're old when you get excited over appliances instead of diamonds?? LOL..

an owl watch fr my parents i just LOVE!

My office at work, before I got sick, was attacked by "SOMEONE" that is a GA for Toni....lol...

and when i was sick and had to get my prescriptions and Shelby's when she got sick, this was sitting behind the counter calling my name.. I should've gotten them..LOL... how appropriate.. excuse the profanity... still cracks me up...

30 wasn't sooo bad..it's still stinging a bit but overall...it was  a great bday!! It was spent w/those I love most and hearing Happy Bday from them made my day.... now on to bein old... LOL....and days filled with this...  what more could i ask for?!! :)

Guess I need to change my profile info now huh?? OMG>.. adding "30" instead of "I"m a 29 year old..." OUCH!!!

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