Monday, March 12, 2012

Wonderful Weekend with Crosspoint

I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN'T TAKE A SINGLE PICTURE FROM THIS WEEKEND!! WHAT IS WRONG W/ ME?? We had an awesome weekend with Crosspoint (Josh isn't on the webpage yet b/c I've gotta help him write his hopefully sooner than later I won't have to explain anymore who they are;the singing group Josh is in now) and 2 other groups who came down to do a Saturday afternoon worship service at our church. God was SOOOOO there and His grace and peace FLOODED my heart and His church. It was sooo great seeing everyone come out and praise the Lord in one body together.
Crosspoint did such an awesome job and it amazes me how effortless their blend is and how touched by God this group is. They did our worship Sunday morning also at church and truly touched my heart. I know my heart overflows anytime I hear Josh sing but to see him worship and sing songs from God is unexplainable. My love just pours out each time I see and experience that. I'm truly blessed to be married to my soul mate, high school sweetheart and great man of God! This new journey with Crosspoint is WITHOUT A DOUBT where God has called us and He is doing AMAZING AND GREAT THINGS through us!! I feel a complete 360 in our marriage and relationship since we gave up ourselves and gave into what God truly had for us. It's tough to say that b/c we thought we were doing God's will since we were in ministry as a worship team at our church but just because we were serving in His church doing good things for Him, doesn't mean that was His will for us, and it wasn't. Not forever anyway...we did His will for the time He needed us to and being 100% submissive to His call was and still is hard, especially since Saturday and Sunday was the first time Josh has sung at our church since we resigned from worship ministry. We know IBC is in need of a worship leader and He will provide one in His timing. We are super excited to see what God has in store for us as we travel on weekend's to wherever He leads for Crosspoint to sing and lead/point others to Christ and His Word through song. We have the next 2 weekends off so it's gonna be nice to have a breather and just take a calm weekend as a family. It's so nice to be just apart of God's church because we are called to be wherever He wants us; not one specific location is neat!!
Last night's message, Bro. Steven (our pastor at IBC) gave really struck me deep and one of the things he said that really cut was, "If you don't walk in eternal Light, then you're walking in eternal darkness." I felt like that's what I've been doing and since we've surrendered to His Will, I see that Light again and FEEL that Light in my life. I've really struggled through the years doing a quiet time, especially since having Shelby because if you're a mom, you know just 20 seconds of YOU time is impossible, so it's been a struggle but I've MADE MYSELF realize that if I can take time to check my Facebook, BLOG, Pintrest, Etsy (OMG), etc...then God can have ME TIME TOO!!!! REALLY HURTS HUH?? tell me about it.... so on Monday's and Wednesday's (when I work) I get up at least 30 mins earlier so I can have time with God and yes, that means it's sometimes 6am.....and that is TOUGH but on the days I've neglected that and gave into temptation to sleep in, my whole day felt like poo and I felt in a slumm and just blaaah....God desires time with me. GOD! THE ONE who made the heaven's, the stars, the child that I cried for, EVERYTHING!! THAT ALONE IS ENOUGH TO GET UP ABOUT!! On the days I don't work, which is the other 5 days, I do my Quiet Time sometimes in the morning and other times during nap time. It's hard, I'm not gonna lie. It's SOOO TEMPTING to just relax, watch a show I want that I don't get to because it's not on Disney or PBS Kids or involves anyone needing me for something, but none of that satisfies but God and HIS WORD!!
My Quiet Time today was in Matthew 4:4, 10 and 5:2-7. I love verse 10 of Chapter 4, (I read the English Standard Version because it's easy for me to read and "Be gone Satan! It IS WRITTEN (Yes it is!!), You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve!" :) that just fires me up! :) I stated that all the way to work today because my attitude STUNK! this time change has jacked me up and i was cranky and just uuuggghhhhh but that was Satan getting his edge in and I WASN'T ALLOWING THAT..... :)
this is totally random, but it's my blog so that's I love how God shows you little moments to remind you He loves you and to lighten up. Today, well actually i've found these the last 2 days since this weekend because I put the container in my purse Saturday...but I found a CONCRETE McD's Chicken Nugget in my purse and Safari Themed Hello Kitty even though I was frantic looking for my keys, God reminded me, "Hey, lighten up...." A nasty nugget and HK stickers...thanks God :) mission accomplished! I know Shelby left them but it was just funny at the moment I found them because it was right when I needed to lighten up..:) thank you God for those moments! :)
I did find some pics! These are the only pics from the weekend I did get....The sky was insane going to church last night and sooo pretty!!

Ok, well....that's it for a lot of random....Oh and I met Kelly's father in law too this weekend! His group was one of the ones who sang at our church w/ Josh's on Saturday! He's such a sweet man!
Be blessed!!!

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