Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Black and White Wednesday

My friend Mrs. Claus, invited me to participate in the Black and White Wednesdays contest she's having and I feel honored b/c I"m not a photographer, SHE IS! :)
Shelby Lynne, March 2012

I feel my eye for photography is part of my artistic expression but I"m not good at taking pictures, except with my iPhone4! hee fact, this picture below was taken of our sweet Shelby by me and my iPhone app Instagram. She was watching Mickey in her playroom and we have a large window and the sun was just kissing her face and so I snapped it. She hadn't been awake an hour and is just radiating beauty only God can give so I thought it was a nice shot and it's been my Facebook profile pic for a while. She's just a beautiful child and blessing from God we thought we'd never have. I take pictures of her a million times a day because I don't want to forget a moment of her life and she may be the only child we are blessed with. This is my way of keeping my memories alive because I know I'll forget these days. Thank you Lord for this blessing in our lives and let us never forget these little moments in our life we can view and stressful when they're really moments we should treasure.

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Mrs. Claus said...

I love her eyes!! Thanks for linking up and for the great compliment!!

Good luck in the contest! I have some wonderful judges (who are not me, because I never can decide.) We announce the winners on Friday!