Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wooten Woot Wednesday

So it's been a while since vie done Woot Woot Wed. And blogged for that matter....I wanted to show you just pics from this week...we are having our 2nd annual Burton/Kee Family Camping trip for Thanksgiving to tomorrow I will be iPad/ Internet free til Saturday night. Here goes....
Made strawberry vanilla (cake) pumpkin cupcakes

Played in Sunday school

Mistletoe Fair 2011 Texarkana, AR

Her hat from Lindsay, Crochet D*Lane, came in!! She loves it!

And tonight we put up our bedroom Christmas tree I redesigned this year. I just love it!!!!!

The Peacock tree!!
We've gotta get our main tree up, Shelby's trees and outside decor but it can wait til after Thanksgiving!!! Sooo excites to go camping and us all have our 2nd annual Thanksgiving feast at Bryce's Lol.... Just sooo thankful for family, our precious lil 2 1/2 year old miracle, my wonderful husband and all the blessings God's given us we are so unworthy of. Thankful most of all for my Savior dying for my sins and saving me.
Have a Happy and THANKFUL Thanksgiving....

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