Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Great Room Tree

Well it's up!!! After fluffing it and getting it ready for decorating we found out that all 5 strands of last years lights don't work and so off to Walmart Josh went and wouldn't you know, they're all sold out and don't know when they're getting more in! Seriously?! It's not even Dec. 1st yet!! Lol. Anyhow, thank goodness for our local "Hee Haw" store, as I call it, At Woods b/c he got them there. Well when we got them on and up on the tree we noticed bow ever so often on each strand a light "shimmers" and blinks. Come to find out, after reading the box, they are called Shimmering Lights and are supposed to do that! They're different and pretty. Better than no lights and since not a colored light fan, they're perfect! Lol

I just love our main tree. It's 8 feet tall and the color and shape reminds me of the moment in the movie, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, when they find THE tree in the forest and light from heaven shines upon it...lol.

Every ornament, for the most part, was given to us on our wedding day, Dec. 11, 2004 so each one is special to us....
I also added deco mesh this year. Only took us 3x to get it like we wanted lol...

My wreaths I made last year are up too! I made them before Pintrest became so popular.
Back door

Front door

Some other little home decor

Someone is super happy to be apart of our family...can u find him?

He's even happy to have his very own Walmart with even a greeter!

Welcome to the family Buddy!!
More decor to come......

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