Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas bows & Computer

Just a short post for now...
I made and finished 2 Christmas bows this year. One for Josh's cousin's daughter who lives in Chicago and the other for who else, but SHELBY! They are made by hand, of course, and are attached to the alligator clip as seen here, but can be made and attached to any type of clip preferred. They are able to be attached to hats or headbands so they are great for those cold winter days or those nice cool days where those Little Ones just need a headband and a hoodie! Shelby wears a headband w/ a bow and a hoodie some days and it's adorable b/c the bow stick out of the hoodie! lol...So, here they are:

I just love the colors and of course the reindeer that has a bow on too! Shelby has become known as the "hair ornament" queen around town and everyone knows she will ALWAYS have something unique on her head! LOL.. guess that's a good trademark to have. :) LOL

Oh and today on Kelly's reviews & Jen's blog and last but certainly not least, BooMama all listed this giveaway! I would really love to win this computer b/c #1 it would really help with all the millions of photos we have of Shelby that have yet to be edited or put into her baby book that i've not touched since I was 9 months pregnant :( and #2 I would love to help with a friend's son who was just diagnosed w/ autism a few months ago and help w/ his development skills. it was unexpected that he would be diagnosed w/ autism so they were very unprepared. ~God bless,

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jill said...

love those!!!!! priss is still wearing the bow my mom made her last year - at least for the small window of time she'll leave anything on her head these days! enjoy the headbands, mom. it won't be long before shelby's yanking it off and telling you, "i not wear it ,mama! not cute!" ha! merry christmas!